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What Does NSN stand for?
– Nachum Segal Network
What is the mission of the Nachum Segal Network?
– The Nachum Segal Network is committed to providing motivating, essential and timely content to an international audience on a daily basis. The principles of its founder, Nachum Segal, guide the network and its staff by providing quality programming that appeals to a sophisticated and informed audience. NSN proudly features content that is dedicated to family values and that encourages a life committed to spiritual growth and the love of Israel.
What sort of programming can one find on NSN?
– NSN presents original and live programming that covers every facet of Jewish life and beyond. Whether your interest is Israel, Torah, Jewish social issues, entertainment, politics, sports, kosher food, or simply the latest news and information concerning the Jewish community NSN has a program for you. CLICK HERE to visit our program archives and check out our great programming.
What is the Jewish Unity Initiative?
– The Jewish Unity Initiative (JUI), a project of the Foundation for Jewish Broadcasting and the vision of Nachum Segal, presents special broadcasts and events of unity and harmony from Jewish communities around the world. FJB utilizes The Nachum Segal Network to broadcast JUI projects as well as original and timely content featuring interesting guests in an effort to address issues important to a global Jewish audience.
Nachum Segal, and all NSN members strive to create, foster and sustain a sense of community and togetherness throughout the Jewish world. Broadcasts from various Jewish communities, including ones in the United States, Europe and Israel, all foster the continuing effort of the Jewish Unity Initiative to celebrate, support, invigorate and unite the Jewish people.


On December 1, 2016 JM in the AM will become an exclusive presentation of The Nachum Segal Network.

Only some listeners in the NY/NJ area are affected by this change.
If you are in that listening area and listen only on terrestrial radio, the following options are available to you to ensure a seamless listening transition:

Listening is easy on the NSN app for iPhone and Android. Click here for a step-by-step video of how to download the NSN app on your smartphone.

You can tune in from your computer by clicking here.

You can purchase a web-radio to stream from nachumsegal.com.

Listening without a smartphone or computer is possible by dialing our listener line at 605.562.4400.

Even though we won’t be on the car radio, you can still take us in your car by using your AUX cable input or through your Bluetooth system.

All archives will continue to be available at www.nachumsegal.com.
Any questions? Please email [email protected]

Click here to listen to Nachum speak with Aharon Schechter of Adorama about the upcoming change and what you can do to prepare for the transition.